OPEN DAY Aug 18th, 2022

OPEN DAY Sep 1st, 2022

The number below the Fantory icon is the current activity index for each Fantory.

For detailed information about the activity index, refer to the 'Season 1: Meet you Guideline' menu!

The activity index for each Fantory will be counted from the time of the Fantory's opening with the release of PROCESS 0. Since the opening point (time) for each Fantory is different, please take note that the counting period of the Fantory activity index and the schedule for release of the PROCESS are different.

  • Join the Artist Fantory you support
  • Visit Artist Fantory every day
  • Participate in voting for official missions from PROCESS 1 to PROCESS 7
  • View the official PROCESS video from PROCESS 0 to Final fan meeting video

(Only the number of views watched on Fantory page is reflected in the activity index.)