Let's be with <Show Me The Money 11> on
<SMTM 11 PLUS> from start to end!

Click the event tap below, and participate in
various events. Then you can save the points!

Through a draw, we treat you with various rewards, including the great
midnight snack (chicken, pizza) and the ticket!
The event is closed.
You can get more points from the next events!

The BEST Producers to lead <SMTM 11>!
Each producer is asked 11 questions related to the partner producers!

How well do they know each other?
Read the question, and Guess how many did they get right.

The Period
October 11th [Tue] 18:00 ~ October 19th [Wed] 23:59 (KST)
The Way to Participate
Choose the producer below
Check the "Producer Chemistry Test" questionnaire
Guess the number of answers, which they got right, Choose the number, and SUBMIT
The Offered Points
10pt (MAX) per producer / 80 pt (MAX) for total

The “Answer” Video will be released on YouTube channel, Mnet TV, on October 20th.